Loussin-Torah Pilikian

HCSA - President

Friends, Faxers, new members of Halifax College in 2014: we welcome you with a roar of congratulations! You’ve made it this far and by the Earl of Halifax do we have a Faxtastic week in store for you. So I’ll stop with the “Fax” (for now) and give you the gist of what we’re all about.

You’ve made the grades, you’ve been accepted, you’re jumping up and down with excitement and it sinks in…your three-year journey has just begun. Firstly, I’d like to say a massive “CONGRATS!” to you all that your hard work has finally paid off. But I’m sure that now you’re in, the prospect of actually going is dawning on you! I know some of you will be searching and scanning for info about your new home, and in particular about choosing a college, as I was when I got into the University of York, but fear not, I’m here to help you make the big decision of choosing your college that bit easier.

So, Why Halifax? Because bigger is better! The largest college on campus is celebrating its 13th birthday this year, and as ever, it will be bringing you a vibrant, diverse range of students, activities and community spirit. Here at Halifax we accommodate a range of college members including home and international undergraduate students, post-grads, mature students as well as families – there are over 1000 of you!

And what makes ‘Fax super special awesome? Well, apart from the recently refurbished accommodation with beautiful countryside surroundings, BBQ stalls everywhere and simply the best common room in the University (JJ’s); we have the HCSA – Halifax College Students’ Association. This is a student run college committee that work alongside the college team to create events that all of our students want to see, promote leadership and employability opportunities within the college and give you a chance to grow and develop your own ideas for events, sports, volunteering, fundraising and campaigns within the college!

Being the largest college, there is always something to get involved in and always someone new to meet, so make Halifax your first choice – and we’ll see you during the best Freshers Week Halifax has ever seen!

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